Week 3

Digital Storytelling

Week 3

This week, I wrote a lot. I had all of these posts sitting in drafts, because writing can be a loooong process for me. I think about what I’ve written, and sometimes I think of something to add, or a better way to say something, three days later. So we got extra time, and I used it to think about these. I had to stop myself on the gushing about American Gods, or it would be too long to publish. I really cannot recommend it enough, in any format.

I also spent way too much time looking at lyrics to use for titles. I get bored easily, it takes up time. Don’t judge.

I was massively disappointed in hurricane Florence. I wanted storms, dammit. But there was nothing until this week.

I thought about a lot of things when I was writing, and I have to say, the writing assignment about my lunch was the one that really stretched my muscles. I’m (usually) a very direct, straightforward writer. I’ve fought with teacher for years over details and word count, because I tend to find the amount of detail asked for excessive and difficult. But describing my lunch really made me think about details. I edited it a lot as I thought of new ones. Not what I expected from that prompt.

I actually used to RP a lot, so I grabbed Grace, a character I never got to use. She’s a history professor who is, unknown to her, haunted by a zeitgeist, a ‘spirit of the times’. It’s been there her whole life, and affected her in unusual ways.


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