Radio Show Week 2

Digital Storytelling

Radio Show Week 2

It’s DONE! Yay!

I had a fun time doing the show. It was nice interacting with the group, and developing our characters. Script writing was a bit like pulling teeth, but I get that. A lot of things really came together kinda late in the game as we were writing (the premise of the group, some character background). I think we did a great job of integrating some very different characters from very different stories. I may have to squirrel away the inter-reality group therapy center to use for something else. We decided to homebrew any music and sound effects to avoid any chance of copyright issues. Getting everyone together long enough to record was not possible, so we decided to record individually, and Drake stitched it all together. We decided to have everyone do a bumper and commercial, since we need to have them done anyways. The whole thing was super organic, which is great because that’s how I create. That is my process. It can be suuuuper frustrating. Thankfully, not in this case.


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