Promise me a place in your house of memories

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Promise me a place in your house of memories

Halloween. I love Halloween, so much. There’s candy (I have a massive sweet tooth), there’s costumes (I like dressing up. I make my own.), and horror movies. I love horror movies. Good, bad, doesn’t matter, I will watch it. There’s pumpkin carving, which is ridiculously fun, partly because it’s so messy. I also like roasted pumpkin seeds. Honestly just the Halloween aesthetic overall is great. It’s also when you start getting fall scents at Yankee Candle, which I love way too much. It’s also when the first of the holidays shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups come out. And I swear, they taste better in shapes. Pumpkin, tree, heart, egg, whatever. They just taste better. And they are already delicious. I loved Trick or Treating as a kid. Now, I get to go Trick or Treating with my niece. We all go out to the Halloween stores to pick out her costume. She likes to remind people that she’s not really whatever she’s dressed up as. It’s just a costume, silly (she said that to my manager last year and I just about died laughing). Halloween is the perfect storm of all the things that I love.


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  1. I have to agree-Halloween is awesome! Your post just made me feel really excited for Halloween, even though its not even remotely fall-like outside! I remember getting Halloween catalogs every year in the mail when I was younger that I would love to look through. My mom would even sometimes let me buy stuff!

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