I Am Legend

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I Am Legend

I am in full blown migraine mode here. I hate existence right now. But it weirdly gave me an idea. Or reminded me of an idea that I had earlier. So, I wrote a post about personal legends. Stories people tell about us, the stories our family and friends all know. The things people use to define us to others. Do the radio show about building our legend. Tell those stories. Maybe tell each others. This !@#$%^ headache reminded me because I also get cluster headaches (which, if you’re squeamish, don’t look up. There’s some body horror there, imo). I have a friend who hasn’t shut up about it since I told him I get them, because he googled, so he’s impressed (I really wish he wasn’t). And related, it takes a lot of medication to put me down. Like, a LOT. My pediatrician always had this bemused look on his face when I came in with a headache. Even anesthesia is a fight, which really freaks out doctors and nurses (my dad was a nurse anesthetist, and he thought it was pretty funny. He liked to tell that story).

Legends are what’s left. What will we leave behind?


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