Last Night’s Clothes And Tomorrow’s Dreams

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Last Night’s Clothes And Tomorrow’s Dreams

I have this recurring dream. It’s The Zombie Dream. And, strangely, it’s not a nightmare. Just a dream that I have every few months. The fine details change (though I can’t remember them, I just know that they are different), but it’s always the zombie apocalypse, I always survive, and I’m never afraid. Sometimes I’m with other people, and they die, but I never do. Even if I’m being chased, I always get away. I’ve been outside, and in different buildings, though never anywhere familiar. I don’t ever know what the vector for the infection is (but I know it’s a disease), and it’s always undead zombies, not rage zombies. And it’s just really not at all upsetting. I’d consider that my subconscious is super self indulgent, except that I’m never killing zombies, just surviving them and not being afraid. i don’t even ever have a weapon.

Honestly, it’s one of the nicer dreams I’ve had.


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  1. Interesting dream! Even in dream form, I would be terrified! This would honestly be an interesting set-up for a zombie movie or show. A character, always nonchalant, somehow manages to survive without even a weapon.

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