Dream bedroom

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Dream bedroom

My Dream Bedroom

I wish everything would embed the way Twitter and Instagram do.

I grew up a military brat. We moved a lot, I always had my own room, but not one I could decorate or anything. And now…now I have a husband and cats, and I’m not sure who is more difficult to share a room with sometimes. So this is…super self-indulgent.

Colors and decor are hard, I love colors. So much. I saw a lot of really lovely space themes, so I’d probably go with that. They also tend to include a lot of low, ambient light, which is important. I get super super bad migraines and cluster headaches, and light sensitivity is a major symptom. So low lighting is important. And I just like fairy lights. Sue me. I am also very clumsy, so there’s a lot of soft cushy decor. Lots of pillows and blanket and soft or round edges. Plus who doesn’t like soft cushy things? I also get cold really easily. Soft things are usually pretty warm. I’m an introvert. If I could make my perfect bedroom I probably wouldn’t leave much. So lots of spaces to lounge would be required.  But  do like the outdoors (within reason). I like sunlight, and fresh air, and the smell of spring and rain. So I included big windows. I long for windows of any size I can open. Right now, my giant, idiot cats pop the screens off because SQUIRREL!! Or to chase one of the neighborhood cats because HEY STRANGE CAT! F!@K YOU!

I swear I love them.

In the same vein, I love plants. I have a green thumb! So having some nice indoor plants would be wonderful. A chalkboard wall, because I could just write things I need to remember on it and I’d see it. No losing it. I hate dressers. I hate folding clothes. I hate having to unfold clothes to see what they are, and then refolding them. I saw lots of great ideas for hanging everything up. I need lots of shelf space, for books, figures, more books. I like a lot of of photo wall ideas, just because finding the right picture frame and room for all of them is a huge pain. Lots of curtains, because I just like curtains. And they are also good for keeping light out.



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