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Digital Storytelling

Guess the Story


Dream bedroom

My Dream Bedroom I wish everything would embed the way Twitter and Instagram do. I grew up a military brat. We moved a lot, I always had my own room, but not one I could decorate or anything. And now…now I have a husband and cats, and I’m not sure who is more difficult to…
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Teaching our robot overlords art

I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed five of them correctly. https://t.co/Sx3ws4lJ9G — Jess (@fatolliecat) October 26, 2018 It was the FACE that stumped it. I figured it would be the flying saucer, but nope. A smiley face. I suppose trouble with facial recognition is actually a desirable trait in a future robot…
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Majestic land orca on Wikipedia

This was inspired in part by alternate names for animals (snake = danger noodle), and also by my husband recently nicknaming one of our cats ‘majestic land orca’. Cecil does bear a strong resemblance to a panda, in coloring, body type, and behavior. Also the question ‘Who the hell passed up the chance to name…
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