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Digital Storytelling

Week 7(?)

Preeeeetty sure this is week 7. Anyways, we got put together in groups. I like the challenge of random chance. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively in Overwatch. Makes you stretch the proverbial muscles. We have an idea (I think it’s really great), we’ll right the script over the next few days, and we’ll record…
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Week 6

I started looking at design everywhere this week. Oddly enough, it helped me out a lot with a knitting pattern I’ve been working on (less is good). This look at design has inspired me to try to be more minimalist. I often drive myself and others nuts by trying to convey too much, add too…
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Week 4

  I really love photography. I have an absurd amount of pictures on my phone and laptop. I do the same thing with games-tons of screenshots. Camera phones are one of my favorite ever inventions because of that. I discovered Picasa this week, which is awesome. I will make so. many. collages. I will have…
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Week 3

This week, I wrote a lot. I had all of these posts sitting in drafts, because writing can be a loooong process for me. I think about what I’ve written, and sometimes I think of something to add, or a better way to say something, three days later. So we got extra time, and I…
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I was super disappointed when folklore was removed from the Historic Preservation department. I love a good legend, or myth, or folktale (I think most historians do). We all have stories, we grow up on stories, we make our own stories. The world is layered with myths and legends. Some things are built on them.…
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