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Digital Storytelling

Young and Beautiful

All the things that make up Grace.

Week 4

  I really love photography. I have an absurd amount of pictures on my phone and laptop. I do the same thing with games-tons of screenshots. Camera phones are one of my favorite ever inventions because of that. I discovered Picasa this week, which is awesome. I will make so. many. collages. I will have…
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Week 3

This week, I wrote a lot. I had all of these posts sitting in drafts, because writing can be a loooong process for me. I think about what I’ve written, and sometimes I think of something to add, or a better way to say something, three days later. So we got extra time, and I…
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Weekly Summary

I hate Instagram. Is a desktop app really necessary? Really? And I couldn’t even get it to work, I had to use my phone. Making a post was a HUGE PAIN. That was what I learned and what frustrated me this week. My social media rage aside, I also learned how to set up a…
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Hello World

Hey! I’m Jess, I’m a senior Historic Preservation major. I knit in my spare time, my favorite color is rainbows, and I love watching a good mythos grow. So I am excited about this semester’s theme. Hello DS106! #ds106 — Jess (@fatolliecat) August 29, 2018 Maybe not 1,000 words, but this picture does say a…
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