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Digital Storytelling

All Along the Watchtower

I did this in large part because it will annoy my husband and one of our friends. They play The Game in the car with the station on classic rock: Song title, band, album, year. It did hurt me a little to make this. I avoided being too sacrilegious with it. I’m chaotic good, not…
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Pusheenicorn Queen

James Cameron wasn’t expecting this.

House of Memories

A boy, a girl, a guitar, and the Day of the Dead. One of my favorite movies. Also an exercise in minimalism. I get bogged down in details when I talk about things.

Mmm, delicious unicorn

I have to give my husband credit for setting this up for me to find. I took and then edited the picture, though. I went with a sort of flowery text to contrast with the horrible (but probably delicious) unicorn meat.

Breathe the earth

  If you need a ridiculous quote that also makes a concerning amount of sense, InspiroBot is your…bot. I used a picture of water to contradict a quote about air (to breathe), but also that contains Earth, which is in itself a contradiction because Earth is mostly water. I just like the font. Thought it…
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Young and Beautiful

All the things that make up Grace.