Rambling Roses

The Myths, the Legends, the TV Tropes

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

I continue my attempts as minimalism. As another professor stressed yesterday, less is more. Whitespace is your friend. I think she mentioned it being soothing? Anyways, I wanted something simple and to the point, and I thought of the movie in four icons assignment. And then, as I was wondering where to go from there,…
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Radio Show Week 2

It’s DONE! Yay! I had a fun time doing the show. It was nice interacting with the group, and developing our characters. Script writing was a bit like pulling teeth, but I get that. A lot of things really came together kinda late in the game as we were writing (the premise of the group,…
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Week 7(?)

Preeeeetty sure this is week 7. Anyways, we got put together in groups. I like the challenge of random chance. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively in Overwatch. Makes you stretch the proverbial muscles. We have an idea (I think it’s really great), we’ll right the script over the next few days, and we’ll record…
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I Am Legend

I am in full blown migraine mode here. I hate existence right now. But it weirdly gave me an idea. Or reminded me of an idea that I had earlier. So, I wrote a post about personal legends. Stories people tell about us, the stories our family and friends all know. The things people use…
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Week 6

I started looking at design everywhere this week. Oddly enough, it helped me out a lot with a knitting pattern I’ve been working on (less is good). This look at design has inspired me to try to be more minimalist. I often drive myself and others nuts by trying to convey too much, add too…
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Design Blitz

View this post on Instagram #designblitz A post shared by Jess D (@fatolliecat) on Oct 5, 2018 at 4:34pm PDT Symbolism: It’s simple, and pretty clear. It’s also a common pop culture reference, and most people probably don’t need any of the text to immediately think of the lyrics. View this post on Instagram #designblitz…
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This is my design

Design is everything. Everything is design. It really is everywhere, though. We talk about it in HISP classes, mostly architectural, but occasionally interior as well. Design is what I knit, what I wear, how I arrange my ridiculously large collection of stuffed animals, and those stuffed animals themselves. Designs follow temporal trends, but the very…
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All Along the Watchtower

I did this in large part because it will annoy my husband and one of our friends. They play The Game in the car with the station on classic rock: Song title, band, album, year. It did hurt me a little to make this. I avoided being too sacrilegious with it. I’m chaotic good, not…
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Pusheenicorn Queen

James Cameron wasn’t expecting this.

House of Memories

A boy, a girl, a guitar, and the Day of the Dead. One of my favorite movies. Also an exercise in minimalism. I get bogged down in details when I talk about things.