Rambling Roses

The Myths, the Legends, the TV Tropes

You and I were fireworks

This was my Fourth of July this year! I chose this second because you can see not only our final giant fireworks, but also the burned out husks of the smaller ones we set off earlier in the foreground. It tells you a lot about our 4th!

We’re all soldiers now

This is just…super self-indulgent. But no one ever sees these (except Play of the Game) besides me, so…I had to take the opportunity to share. All headshots are entirely, amusingly accidental, and I have gotten angry messages about that. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively, which is a random hero every time you die. More…
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Knitting with 5 needles

Not as hard as it looks (you do get poked a lot though). You only ever actually knit with 2 needles at a time. This is one method of knitting very small circles, like socks. I’m working the toe in this video. Almost done! Except I have to knit a second sock…

He deserves more than 8 seconds

View this post on Instagram Gotta give the big guy attention everday. A post shared by Jess D (@fatolliecat) on Nov 2, 2018 at 10:08am PDT He’s a good kitty, yes he is! I give Cecil attention multiple times everyday. This time he actually came up to me demanding tribute. It’s on of the things…
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Week IDK, It’s All Running Together

The assignments this week were fun. Once I had the idea, I enjoyed altering the web page. The Google scribbles thing was fun, if probably dangerous (we really need to stop teaching computers things). I had waaaaay more fun with using GIFs to tell a story than I thought I would. Majestic land orca on…
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Guess the Story


Dream bedroom

My Dream Bedroom I wish everything would embed the way Twitter and Instagram do. I grew up a military brat. We moved a lot, I always had my own room, but not one I could decorate or anything. And now…now I have a husband and cats, and I’m not sure who is more difficult to…
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Teaching our robot overlords art

I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed five of them correctly. https://t.co/Sx3ws4lJ9G — Jess (@fatolliecat) October 26, 2018 It was the FACE that stumped it. I figured it would be the flying saucer, but nope. A smiley face. I suppose trouble with facial recognition is actually a desirable trait in a future robot…
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Majestic land orca on Wikipedia

This was inspired in part by alternate names for animals (snake = danger noodle), and also by my husband recently nicknaming one of our cats ‘majestic land orca’. Cecil does bear a strong resemblance to a panda, in coloring, body type, and behavior. Also the question ‘Who the hell passed up the chance to name…
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Halfway There

Semester is halfway done!  This was a busy, short week between making the show and all my other classes. I’m not often (if ever) creative in a group setting, so this was a new experience. It went really well, which was great. It could have gone horribly, which it didn’t. I continue to be ridiculously…
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