Month: August 2018

Digital Storytelling

Weekly Summary

I hate Instagram. Is a desktop app really necessary? Really? And I couldn’t even get it to work, I had to use my phone. Making a post was a HUGE PAIN. That was what I learned and what frustrated me this week. My social media rage aside, I also learned how to set up a…
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I was super disappointed when folklore was removed from the Historic Preservation department. I love a good legend, or myth, or folktale (I think most historians do). We all have stories, we grow up on stories, we make our own stories. The world is layered with myths and legends. Some things are built on them.…
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Hello World

Hey! I’m Jess, I’m a senior Historic Preservation major. I knit in my spare time, my favorite color is rainbows, and I love watching a good mythos grow. So I am excited about this semester’s theme. Hello DS106! #ds106 — Jess (@fatolliecat) August 29, 2018 Maybe not 1,000 words, but this picture does say a…
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